Hello everyone! I’m Nicole, and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself, give you a little information on my background and experience within online higher education, and to share some ideas I have for future posts here.

I’m currently employed by Kaplan University, where I work as a Student Life Specialist in the Office of Student Life. I have worked for Kaplan for over 3 years, though only in Student Life for about a year now. Prior to this role, I worked in the Registrar’s Office, handling student degree plans and transfer credits. In these past three years at Kaplan, I have learned a lot about online higher education – especially considering I knew very little prior to working here. As my position in Student Life is also my first student-facing role in an online education environment, it’s also given me a lot more insight into the students who chose to attend an online institution, why this works best for them, and how we can best support them.

You’re probably reading this blog and this post today because you’re interested in attending an online university, you’re already enrolled in one and looking to learn more about your options, or you have no idea what to do for your education and stumbled across this site while doing some basic research. Or many other reasons! Whatever those are, I’m sure you’d like to know what I am going to offer you and why you should continue to come back and read more.

I have a few ideas for upcoming blog post topics, so I certainly hope one or more of these will draw you in. These may change, and obviously new ones may be added to the list, but at the moment, here are the ideas:

  • How to find a work-life balance as an online student

  • Time management skills specific to online programs and classes

  • The independence of getting an online education

  • Student involvement within online higher education – My experiences from the inside

  • Student involvement within online higher education – What you can do to get more involved and why it’s beneficial

  • Social media in relation to online education and best practices

  • Email and written-communication etiquette

  • Online education trends and news

Like I said, this is just “top of mind” stuff at the moment, but I hope it sounds interesting to you and also beneficial to your education and decisions regarding online universities. There will be plenty more to come from me, however, so I’ll leave you with this teaser for the moment.

Please feel free to utilize Twitter if you have ideas or suggestions for future blog posts. Simply follow and tweet at us – @Top5Online. You can find us on Facebook as well – Top 5 Online Colleges.

I’m looking forward to sharing my “insider’s scoop” about the online college experience with you all!