Discussion forums are designed to engage all types of learners in an educational community. Through the various types of forums, students can freely share their ideas, opinions and experiences and can create challenging discussion in an interactive, friendly environment.

There are plenty of forums and message boards meant for distance learners specifically. These forums are designed to foster an interactive community between fellow distance learners to enhance their overall educational experience. If you are looking for some good places to go for information and tips related to online schooling, here are 10 great forums you can participate in:

  1. General Distance Learning Discussions: This forum offers interesting distance learning discussions and helpful hints for your online degree search needs.

  2. Get Educated: Get Educated is a consumer’s guide to online education. They publish objective discussions and helpful reviews on the subjects that matter most to online students: affordability and credibility.

  3. eLearners: This site offers access to great forums from one of the premier elearning communities out there. If you have questions, or are just looking for support, this is a great place to start.

  4. BellaOnline Distance Learning Forums: Women involved in distance learning can benefit from this forum. Great source of support and information for women who want to be involved with online learning.

  5. EnglishForums.com: If you are trying to learn English in a distance setting, these forums are great. Helpful information on learning English.

  6. eLearning Forum: An interesting look at online learning, and a forum that helps you learn more about technology and education.

  7. International Student Message Board: International students interested in a variety of subjects, including online learning, can find answers here.

  8. Academia.edu: Helpful information, tips, and more related to academia. This is a great resource for online university students.

  9. Online University Forum: This forum from Men’s Psychology Think Tank is a great source of information on online learning and universities. A great deal of good information and solid ideas.

  10. eLearning Guild: Participate in online learning and get some great tips to help you with distance learning, and find out more about the trends from the eLearning Guild.