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A History of Distance Learning

Surely if you’re on our website, you’ve been active in your research about online education, with an exceeding amount of thoughts and fears swirling around inside your head. “What school is right for me?” “How much will it cost?” “Do I have enough time?” There’s plenty enough on your mind as it is. But imagine not being able to even have these options. The Internet made education more accessible, but it is not the first form of distance learning. In fact, the earliest known examples of distance learning date back to the early 18th century. So you have a bad internet connection? Try waiting a week to receive your test results in the mail! Here is a brief timeline of distance education that has culminated in what you know today.

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9 Myths About Online Education

It is 2014 and there is still much resistance to the progress of distance learning. Yes, student debt is exorbitant, but that beast has been feeding on student bank accounts since before any of the recent controversy. Consider this: today we have options to listen to vinyl records and digital downloads; to read volumes of novels and gigabytes of e-lit; pen and paper, keyboard and screen. New technology has made things more convenient and more fast-paced. Daily life may feel less physical, but social media has created more interaction and connectivity between people. Distance learning is no different: It’s convenient and fast-paced, perhaps less physical, but still keeps you interactive and connected.

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Our Top 10 Favorite Forums for Distance Learning Students

Discussion forums are designed to engage all types of learners in an educational community. Through the various types of forums, students can freely share their ideas, opinions and experiences and can create challenging discussion in an interactive, friendly environment.

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Advances in Online Education – Five Useful Tools

Online education has come a long way since its inception in the 1990s. New schools, new programs, and new methodologies have emerged, making it even more enticing to consider distance learning as an option for higher education.

The new methodologies or tools applicable to online learning are especially attention-grabbing. Technology has changed the way instruction is delivered. It has made remote learning possible, and for students with busy schedules, scheduling flexibility is a must.

Check out our list of advances in today’s online classroom to learn more about the feel of a virtual classroom and what to expect when you log on.

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Beyond College Rankings: What You Should Really Look for in a School

While college rankings might have their place in choosing a college, they cannot measure attractiveness, the availability of professors between classes, the influence of a college on the development of intellectual skills and analytical competencies or on personal growth and change. Additionally, college is where students develop relationships with peers and with alumni…sometimes a trip to a traditional campus is the only way to determine if a college is a fit for you, even if you plan to take online courses. Do what you can to learn if that college can help you to achieve your goals. The following lists of what to look for on college campuses include information you can find online, and other clues you can find when visiting a campus location.

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Online College Rankings: Which Should You Trust?

Earning an online degree has more clout today than ever before. Reputable and accredited schools have developed online programs that offer valid degrees in a wide variety of programs. Additionally, the ability to earn an online degree offers students the option of earning a degree from a school far from home. But, how do you know which online schools are the best? Rankings for online colleges are few and far between, but U.S. News and World Report began to collect data in 2011 to create sound rankings for bachelor’s degrees and various graduate degrees. While U.S. News doesn’t carry the only online college rankings, learn why they might prove the most trustworthy.

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