Play to Learn: Great Sites on Gamification

Play to Learn: 100 Great Sites on Gamification

Using incentives to encourage students to stay interested in educational pursuits is not a new idea. However, the incorporation of game mechanics, incentive systems, and other ideas borrowed from the game world to create a game-layer on top of existing educational systems is revolutionary, and many educators, students, and entrepreneurs are taking notice.

Gamification of education can help students be more motivated and engaged, and can make it easier to remember what they’ve learned. What teacher wouldn’t love that? Enthusiastic teachers from K-12 all the way up into college have started using game-based learning techniques in their classrooms, and there are loads of learning opportunities online for students who prefer a game-like experience. Many companies are working on gamification platforms to make it easier to implement incentive programs and game mechanics in classrooms, online courses, and even in employee training and career development settings. This categorized and filtered list shows you the best of the best in gamified education info, in no particular order.

These sites have some of the most insightful information and best ideas about how to use gamification to significantly improve education for everyone.

    Gamification Blogs & Experts

    Educators, gamers, game developers, and even parents and students are sharing their thoughts on gamification through blogs on the topic.

  1. Gamification Corp.

    Gamification Corp.

    Gamification Corp is a premier site for anything related to gamification and its application in education. The site has great education guides, a database and wiki page, and even a buyer’s guide to help trouble shoot any questionable products.

    They’re on Twitter!: @gamificationco

  2. The Education Arcade

    The Education Arcade

    The Education Arcade is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has material for educators to produce more effective teaching methods. The site also has news and commentary on contemporary education developments. Content on the site is designed for teachers of grade 5-12.

  3. Gamifeye


    Gamifeye posts useful information and commentary on a number of issues in gamification and the various contexts it can prove useful, namely education. For teachers, this site is very useful because it’s loaded with advice for incorporating gamification into the classroom.

    They’re on Twitter!: @gamifeye

  4. GameSalad


    GameSalad is a game design education program that is simple enough to master quickly, but complex enough to still create highly customizable material and games. Once teachers have used this, it’s easy to teach children to create their own games.

    They’re on Twitter!: @gamesalad

  5. Games and Learning Alliance


    GALA, or the Games and Learning Alliance, blogs on serious developments in gamification and the intersection of games and education. They invite many people to submit papers commenting on gamification’s impact on behaviors.

    They’re on Twitter!: @gameandlearning

  6. BunchBall


    BunchBall’s piece, Gamification 101: An Introduction to the Use of Game Dynamics to Influence Behavior details the use of gamification in the context of a business setting. The guide has information on gamification basics, why it’s useful, and advice on practical business application.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Bunchball

  7. Father Geek

    Father Geek

    Father Geek’s site posts interesting thoughts on how to be a better parent through games and gamifying education. The site has great recommendations, a list of approved products.

    They’re on Twitter!: @thefathergeek

  8. Karl M. Kapp

    Karl M. Kapp

    Karl M. Kapp is an instructional design professional who works with a number of technologies to find the best ways to improve how people learn. Posts on his site usually highlight specific elements of gamification and its practical application.

    They’re on Twitter!: @kkapp

  9. musings musings musings looks at technology in the classroom and how a gamified classroom engages students while allowing them to learn better.

    They’re on Twitter!: @mrmatera

  10. Gamification in Higher Education! - Gamification in Higher Education

    This Gamification in Higher Education page on posts all the latest information concerning gamification and its benefits in the classroom. The posts each depict another element of how education and gamification intersect and in very beneficial way to students and teachers alike.

    They’re on Twitter!: @kimbowa

  11. Teaching Happily Everafter

    Teaching Happily Everafter

    Teaching Happily Ever After has a great post on Gamification in the Classroom and it breaks down the benefits to the medium and emphasizes purpose, not just fun in the activities. Teachers should utilize this site for the best ways to optimize gamification.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Ashly2499

  12. Anne Loehr & Associates-Developing Authentic & Transformational Leaders

    Anne Loehr & Associates-Developing Authentic & Transformational Leaders

    Anne Loehr & Associates- Developing Authentic & Transformational Leaders has an informative page that details many teaching styles and gives some great perspective on the state of gamification in it. The post explains how from an educational standpoint, gamification is very effective, but it is also at uniting team members.

    They’re on Twitter!: @anneloehr

  13. Gamelearn


    Gamelearn understands the immense potential for improving educational standards through gamification and designs intuitive games to improve things such as time management and negotiation skills.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Gamelearn

  14. eLearningMind


    eLearning Mind custom designs and develops eLearning companies, governments and educational bodies. They have a unique approach and have developed corporate training and educational tool for companies such as ESPN, Sony and the World Bank.

    They’re on Twitter!: @eLearningMind

  15. Daniel Millsap

    Daniel Millsap

    Daniel Millsap’s blog has pretty incredible posts on really interesting ways that technology impacts us personally. His post on gamifying the classroom is a great crash-course on why it’s going to become even more important for education moving forward.

    They’re on Twitter!: @danielmillsap

  16. Teched up Teacher

    Teched up Teacher

    Teched up Teacher is the blog of a high school teacher in New Jersey who integrates technology into the classroom. The posts on the site go into detail as to the results of various things he’s tried with students and paints a picture of a teacher who ardently works to find more effective teaching methods for the sake of his students.

    They’re on Twitter!: @TechedUpTeacher

  17. GamFed


    The International Gamification Federation brings together individuals and companies who are working on gamifying the classroom and regarded gamification higher in education. It also functions as a useful way to connect with others who have the same goals concerning improving education.

    They’re on Twitter!: @GamFed

  18. Examples of Gamification

    Examples of Gamification

    Examples of Gamification blogs all the people and companies incorporating gamification into their educational curriculums. This is a go-to resource for those who want more information on the increasing prevalence of gamification in education, along with a good reference tool for advocating for it.

  19. TeachThought


    TeachThought has objective materials for improving your teaching style and discusses gamification in the classroom, along with flipped classrooms and their benefits and drawbacks. Since they present both side of the story much more than other sites, it’s a must-read.

    They’re on Twitter!: @teachthought

  20. Gaming and Education | Engagement in Learning

    Gaming and Education | Engagement in Learning

    Gaming and Education | Engagement in Learning has all the latest information on games and their implementation in an education setting. Their depth on the concepts makes it much easier for teachers to understand why it’s going to be so crucial to engage students with this material in the future.

  21. Mind/Shift – Games

    Mind/Shift - Games

    Mind/Shift – Games is focused on innovative concepts in education. From the flipped classroom to gamification, they are always discussing the most important issues in the field. Their site is dense with content that is incredibly thoughtful and gives some of the most worthwhile perspective on education’s most pressing issues.

  22. Virtual Candy

    Virtual Candy

    Virtual Candy discusses all the issues in gamification today and often comments on gamification in the news. It’s an interesting site since they pull articles from all over the internet, which has propelled it to being such a great source.

    They’re on Twitter!: @scoopit

  23. Games & Learning

    Games & Learning

    Games & Learning is a colorful site that compiles market research, analysis, and the latest reports on the gamification of education. Through illustrating the benefits, as well as obstacles faced, the site helps paint a realistic picture of what it will take to get games further integrated into technology.

    They’re on Twitter!: @CooneyCenter

  24. Cooney Center

    Cooney Center

    The primary mission of the Cooney Center is to develop new research and teaching methods through digital means through which to improve how children learn. Additionally, their blog has great commentary on how to get involved in eLearning and why gamification’s growth will only increase in coming years.

    They’re on Twitter!: @CooneyCenter

  25. has all the information just about anyone involved with games can use to see how games can be used to grab the attention of employees, students, and anyone else who plays them. The site also highlights the industries that games are appearing in, so it’s a great place to build a working knowledge of gamification.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Gamification

  26. Upsidelearning


    Upsidelearning’s blog has a wealth of posts on eLearning and why gamifying education might be the corner to turn for it to take off. The site also is useful for understanding various aspects of engaging individuals trying to be taught.

    They’re on Twitter!: @UpsideLearning

  27. t|h|e Journal

    t|h|e Journal

    t|h|e Journal’s selection of content on gamification posits useful news on how gamification is shaping the next breakthrough in education. The site’s useful for everyone from educators to game designers, the content on the site explains some the best ways to use gamification.

    They’re on Twitter!: @THE_Journal

  28. EdGamer by edreach

    EdGamer by edreach

    EdGamers by edreach is a series that goes into the specifics of how games can prove very beneficial for educators. Each week a video is posted discussing developments in the news and elaborating on them in an engaging conversation format.

    They’re on Twitter!: @EdReachUs

  29. Edugames Research

    Edugames Research

    Edugames Research posts great content on educational video games from an instructional standpoint. Run by John Rice, a school district technology director in Texas, he’s focused on detailing what it’s like to incorporate various game elements into classes in his area. Posts touch on book reviews, various facets of gaming, and what we can expect to see in the future in education.

    They’re on Twitter!: @EduGamRes

  30. ThoughtBox


    ThoughtBox creates educational software that students and teachers will find useful due to their great approach to creating content. With teaching methods having grown fairly stagnant over the past few decades, technology is opening to door for innovation, which is how ThoughtBox is reengineering education through gamification.

    They’re on Twitter!: @ThoughtBoxEd

  31. Serious Game Market

    Serious Game Market

    Serious Game Market scours the internet looking for the best “serious games”, or games with a defined purpose concerning education. Teachers and businesses alike can use the site to get an idea of what good games look like and how they operate.

    They’re on Twitter!: @elianealhadeff

  32. Educational Gaming

    Educational Gaming

    Educational Gaming breaks down all the latest educational games and provides valuable commentary as to their educational value, while simultaneously reviewing the quality of the game overall. They categorize games by device they’re used on and even have a useful “Best Video Games” section.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Edu_Game_Review

  33. Gamify for the Win

    Gamify for the Win

    Gamify for the Win is an in-depth site highlighting research and news that shows how gamification is gaining popularity, but also the setbacks faced to get mass appeal. The site organizers also host a yearly symposium on gamification.

    They’re on Twitter!: @gamifyforthewin

  34. Games in Education

    Games in Education

    Games in Education is a conference that covers the leading concepts of gamifying the classroom today. They understand the restraints teachers often face when trying to ensure students are learning while also implementing new teaching methods.

    They’re on Twitter!: @gamesinedu

  35. Games4Learning


    Run by a lecturer of computing, Games4Learning is a great site to see how the perception of games is changing as they’re more commonly applied to education. The site’s posts are some of the most thorough and useful for teachers to get an idea on how to use games in the classroom.

    They’re on Twitter!: @drenton72

  36. edstuckinthecloud


    edstuckinthecloud is a blog that details technology in education. Many of the posts touch on gamification, but emphasize that this is often not an exclusive form for improving education and must be combined with storytelling, eLearning, and other methods.

    They’re on Twitter!: @MrJoshida

  37. Enterprise Gamification

    Enterprise Gamification

    Enterprise Gamification Consultancy caters to an interesting part of the market, namely those in business and education looking to improve results, be it job training or retaining learning material in the classroom. The site has an impressive amount of resources and detailed information to explain the benefits of gamifying the workplace or classroom.

    They’re on Twitter!: @EGConsultancy

  38. Gamifying My Class

    Gamifying My Class

    Gamifying My Class is run by a 6th grade language arts teacher and chronicles her journey to implement gamification into education. Aside from all the great posts commenting on both side of gamification, the blog also has an impressive section of resources for teachers looking to get started.

    They’re on Twitter!: @malvarezclasses



    GAMEPROF is the blog of Joey Lee, a professor at Columbia University who studies gamification in the classroom and its benefits. The blog is great because of the interesting posts that explain why gamification has a future and its popularity will continue to grow.

  40. Sealund


    Sealund looks at interactivity with technology and how its effectiveness will translate to education. Posts often discuss game-based assessments and simulations, while also looking at emerging trends in gamification.

  41. Gamify The Classroom

    Gamify The Classroom

    Gamify The Classroom details the early days of video games and how gamification will greatly help with math skill in students. The posts also explain how society has increasingly moved to being based on recognition and rewards, which will only continue to attribute to the success of gamification.

  42. GamingBetter


    GamingBetter is run by two Georgetown students who are researching the affectivity of games and attempt to understand to what extent these games impact our lives. Posts are impressively thorough, from citation to content.

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    Game Platforms & Developers

    Companies that bring game developers and educators together have a key opportunity to create brilliant, standardized platforms for introducing game-based learning into every educational style and setting.

  44. Badgeville


    Badgeville studies effective methods of marketing and highlights various solutions, including gamification and why it is proving so beneficial in today’s educational and marketing environments.

    They’re on Twitter!: @badgeville

  45. Ray Chambers

    Ray Chambers

    Ray Chambers works at Uppingham Community College as an ICT Teacher/Lead Practitioner where he’s worked to incorporate the Microsoft Kinect, a motion sensor device, into the classroom for very useful educational purposes that push gamification and interaction.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Lanky_Boi_Ray

  46. 3D GameLAB

    3D GameLAB

    3D GameLAB goes step-by-step through the process of gamification and why it’s proving to be so beneficial in today’s education realm. For those unfamiliar with gamification, this page is highly recommended to get you started.

    They’re on Twitter!: @3dgamelab

  47. has an impressive amount of tools for creating games and other ways to grab students’ attention. The site also has interesting games that can prove to be fun while maintaining an educational focus.

    They’re on Twitter!: @classtools

  48. Studica Blog

    Studica Blog

    Studica Blog implements gamification through innovative welding simulation tools, such as The teachWELD. Understanding the inherent value of simulation and gamification is important today because it’s going to take a large place of curriculums looking to prepare students for situations more likely to occur in the real world.

    They’re on Twitter!: @STUDICAcom

  49. Unity 3D

    Unity 3D

    Unity 3D has a blog that is full of useful information relating to technology and how it can be best applied to education today. With at least one daily post, you can always depend on the latest developments in the field with inquisitive commentary.

    They’re on Twitter!: @unity3d

  50. Robots Lab

    Robots Lab

    Robots Lab has content tailored specifically to the cause of gamification in the classroom and why it’s so beneficial to students. They also cite useful supplementary readings to check out.

    They’re on Twitter!: @TheRobotsLAB

  51. Games and Playable Media

    Games and Playable Media

    Games and Playable Media is an initiative within UC Santa Cruz and teaches students about game design, but they often teach their own educational games. The site also details the university’s bachelors and masters programs in game design and computer science.

    They’re on Twitter!: @playableUCSC

  52. Arcademics


    Arcademics has education games designed for students and the proceeds benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The games are among some of the most cutting edge in terms of their ability to grab the attention of the user.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Arcademics

  53. Fun Times Educational Games Inc.

    Fun Times Educational Games Inc.

    Fun Times Educational Games Inc. helps students struggling or starting to learn multiplication and provides engaging tools for ensuring the information sticks. Gamification has largely turned an important corner with some of the latest devices to hit the market and now it’s possible to improve multiplication skills from and iPad as well.

    They’re on Twitter!: @FunTimesGames

  54. TropicMind


    TropicMind is an eLearning game that educators and parents alike can use to teach children in ways that are fun and engaging. The game is very colorful and covers topics ranging in difficulty to always keep children learning.

  55. Superfunner


    Superfunner emphasizes the benefits of gamifying the learning process and promoting it as a means to reinforce retention and keep students focused. Their crowd funding campaign attempts to gain more capital and further gamification in classrooms.

  56. Mind Space

    Mind Space

    MindSpace is implementing gamification into marketing and showing how the results can be impressive and their effects wide on grabbing viewers’ attention. It’s a useful site to learn how to work with gamification.

  57. Makmian


    Makmian makes fun and simple games for children that promote problem-solving skills. The site is incredibly straightforward, which makes it very useful to younger children and those just starting out in gamification.

  58. ForAllBadges


    ForAllBadges develops awesome badges that act as rewards for students throughout their academic career. By promoting incentive through these eye-catching digital badges, they’ve seen a good amount of success with making sure students do work and understand material better.

  59. GAME ON lab!

    GAME ON lab!

    GAME ON lab! is a site that teachers, HR representatives, and innovators to learn how gamification can drastically improve workflow. The site’s engaging look, along with easy-to-understand information make it very worthwhile.

    They’re on Twitter!: @gamkt

  60. Knewton – Gamification of Education Infographic

    Knewton - Gamification of Education Infographic

    Knewton’s gamification of education infographic is an incredibly informative visualization that presents all the need-to-know information about gamification. It is no surprise that the infographic is so informative, since Knewton’s primary product, a platform for personalization of learning systems, is all about the integration of technology and education.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Knewton

  61. instituteofplay


    Institute of Play focuses on developing innovative new ways to implement teaching methods in the 21st century. What makes the site so captivating is their wide-ranging content and ability to design an extensive amount of new material, such as SimCityEDU Games, GlassLab, MobileQuest.

    They’re on Twitter!: @instituteofplay

  62. Gamify


    Gamify created a Gamification Platform that helps boost engagement through rewards, simulation, interactive game mechanics, and more. While the primary purpose of the site is to make gamification tools for casinos, much of the information can be applied to education.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Gamify

  63. Entertainment Software Association-Games: Improving Education

    Entertainment Software Association-Games:  Improving Education

    Entertainment Software Association- Games: Improving Education emphasizes the benefits of educational games and how we can apply those into classrooms effectively. The page explains research and emerging trends to expect in the future.

    They’re on Twitter!: @RichatESA

  64. iLearnWith


    iLearnWith is an educational app geared toward children in preschool and kindergarten. The app covers basic material that helps to cultivate these ideas within a child’s head and even has a progress tracker.

    They’re on Twitter!: @ilearnwith


    Ian Bogost’s website explains his involvement with video games and his views how they can properly be applied to education today. As someone who makes video games for a living, Ian has a very different perspective from those who are approaching video games for the first time just for education.

    They’re on Twitter!: @ibogost

  66. LevelEleven


    LevelEleven adds gamification elements to employee productivity, which helps foster a fun and engaging environment for driving sales and retaining focus. Their site details the product and how you can incentivize anything.

    They’re on Twitter!: @levelelev

  67. Raptivity


    Raptivity helps teachers reach students better by working with instructional designers and course developers to create engaging new learning situations. It’s also not merely limited to games – they also create simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams, and more.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Raptivity

  68. Axonify Inc.

    Axonify Inc.

    Axonify studies knowledge retention and uses elements of gamification to further our ability to hold on to the information we learn. The site has interesting webinars and resources to stay at the forefront of education and gamification.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Axonify

  69. NeuroNet Learning

    NeuroNet Learning

    NeuroNet Learning’s post on how Educational Video Games Enhance Children’s Motivation is a great read for understanding how and why gamification has been successful. The post is supplemented with great research information that any teacher will enjoy reading.

    They’re on Twitter!: @neuronet

  70. Librarygame


    Librarygame makes going to the library more fun and engaging for patrons. The site helps bring individuals back into the library on a regular basis, while also promoting reading on a more regular basis.

    They’re on Twitter!: @librarygame

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    General Ed. Innovation

    Educational technology writers have been covering gamification since the very beginning, and game-based learning offers a prime opportunity for edtech companies to build new, exciting and innovative products that help students.

  72. Prezi


    Prezi’s guide on Pointers for Gamifying the Classroom gives the backstory to gamification and how to move forward and use it in very productive ways. The interactive info graphic gives very useful information to teachers looking to grab students’ attention in a new way.

    They’re on Twitter!: @prezi

  73. Sporcle


    Sporcle has “mentally stimulating diversions” and give students a place to have fun, while still teaching them plenty of new material. Additionally, when you feel like you’ve mastered a particular subject, you can create your own quizzes and share them with others.

    They’re on Twitter!: @sporcle

  74. EmergingEdTech


    EmergingEdTech blogs on the latest developments in the field and makes a great news source for reading up on gamification and compile useful classroom resources. Posts have great commentary on the benefits of gamification and why it’s used in the classroom is certainly inevitable moving forward.

    They’re on Twitter!: @EmergingEdTech

  75. Edtech Magazine

    Edtech Magazine

    Edtech Magazine discusses how colleges are beginning to catch onto the gamification wave in the context of higher education. In an effort to improve retention rates and graduation efforts, they’re working to make rewards a more integral part of receiving an education.

    They’re on Twitter!: @EdTech_HigherEd

  76. Openlearning


    Openlearning has a course on gamification and its benefits in a variety of contexts. The interesting commentary they provide is what makes the site so worthwhile, as they detail gamification in education as catered to those with developmental disabilities and even professional application.

    They’re on Twitter!: @openlrning

  77. Bottom-Line Performance – Game Based Learning Blog

    Bottom-Line Performance - Game Based Learning Blog

    Bottom-Line Performance is all about eLearning and how to best administer methods for improving the educational environment for everyone involved. Their article on the benefits of game-based learning and why it works will make it easier for just about anything to implement games into education.

    They’re on Twitter!: @BLPindy

  78. Edtechclassroom


    Edtechclassroom’s post, “How Gamification Changed Everything” details how emerging technologies are making education more captivating through adding mechanics of games. This post mostly highlights what exactly gamification is and why it will be integral to emerging generations of learners.

    They’re on Twitter!: @EdtechClassroom

  79. PBS Kids

    PBS Kids

    PBS Kids is a fully functional gamified learning site. Children can come to the site and learn an impressive amount of information, all while having fun playing these interactive games. Teachers can use this site to see what sorts of things engage children.

    They’re on Twitter!: @PBS

  80. The Gamification Guide for Teachers by eLearning Industry

    The Gamification Guide for Teachers by eLearning Industry

    The Gamification Guide for Teachers by eLearning Industry should be one of the first places explored by educators when attempting to look for contemporary solutions to improving the classroom. The page even has a useful step-by-step section on how to gamify your own classroom.

    They’re on Twitter!: @elearnindustry

  81. Amplify.


    Amplify helps teachers created catered learning experiences for students and incorporate educational learning games into the classroom. Their site has great tips on assessment and improving curriculums.

    They’re on Twitter!: @amplify

  82. EdTechReview – Game Based Learning in Education – Free Report

    EdTechReview - Game Based Learning in Education - Free Report

    EdTechReview – Game Based Learning in Education is a collaborative report that explains the effectiveness of this teaching using games. The report even includes 40 games and resources to read through and allow teachers to find the ones best for their students.

    They’re on Twitter!: @etr_in

  83. JumpStart


    JumpStart has long been renowned as the pioneer in educational games and set very high standards for how to apply games to education. The blog highlights some games being released and what specifically they teach.

    They’re on Twitter!: @JumpStart3D

  84. Dhoozy


    Dhoozy’s post on using gamification in a blended classroom accurately depicts the current state of education and why grabbing students’ attention is going to usher in a new age of learning. Within the post there are countless links to sites, many of which can significantly help teachers implement games in learning.

    They’re on Twitter!: @eDhoozy

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    Related Media

  86. GamesBeat


    GamesBeat from VentureBeat hosts the latest developments in games, pertaining to education and non-education-based material. Nonetheless, it’s great to get perspective on what successful engagement tactics look like for designing games.

    They’re on Twitter!: @GamesBeat

  87. Triple Pundit

    Triple Pundit

    Triple Pundit wrote an interesting article on “Green Gamification” and if the payoff is large enough for people to buy into it. It basically revolves around the notion that by turning environmentalism into a game, more people will care about conservation efforts.

    They’re on Twitter!: @triplepundit

  88. TeachersWithApps


    TeachersWithApps is a fantastic site that shows how we can use technology, namely touch screen phones, to implement gamification and improve educational models. TeachersWithApps breaks down such a large number of apps, it is definitely a site to check out to find some good apps for the classroom.

    They’re on Twitter!: @TeachersApps

  89. BigDoor


    BigDoor has helped implement gamification into aspects of some of the leading companies in the world to astounding results. As gamification becomes more prevalent in teaching methods, BigDoor’s role in helping education institutions will only increase.

    They’re on Twitter!: @bigdoor

  90. Graphite


    Graphite has all the educational games a teacher, parent, or student could want, along with useful breakdowns of all the different game types, ages, and more. A notable feature is the site’s “learning rating”, which underlines how much of an activity educates students versus just being a game.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Graphite

  91. Classroom Aid-Gamifying Blog

    Classroom Aid-Gamifying Blog

    Classroom Aid’s Gamifying Blog has all the most integral tips for improving the effectiveness of games in education, along with commentary pertaining to its implementation. They focus more on higher education and what we can expect gamification to tackle in the future.

    They’re on Twitter!: @ClassroomAidInc

  92. Youtopia


    Youtopia is focused on engagement and enables schools, non-profits, and cultural organizations the structural ability to plan better engagement tactics for education, among other uses. By recording a student’s academic achievements and extracurriculars, users can identify strengths and help students in the best way possible.

    They’re on Twitter!: @youtopia

  93. Game Nation

    Game Nation

    Game Nation combines theme park mechanics with video games to create a truly unique experience and foster a sense of community and teamwork among individuals in it. It’s very useful to those wanting to see how to implement gamification elements into real life.

    They’re on Twitter!: @GameNationParks

  94. Vgalt


    Vgalt focuses on integrating educational tools into video games, so that students may learn more efficiently. The site often posts interesting news stories discussing gamification, but also they provide invaluable commentary on the issues.

    They’re on Twitter!: @brockdubbels

  95. Capsim


    Capsim creates Capstone Business Simulation, a master’s program software that allows students to turn activities into games that are worthwhile and engaging. The company has numerous business simulations and this is in part because they’ve been seen to be much more effective with students’ ability to process the complex tasks required.

    They’re on Twitter!: @CapsimU

  96. Octave Simulation Services Pvt. Ltd. – OcS

    Octave Simulation Services Pvt. Ltd. - OcS

    Octave Simulation Service Pvt. Ltd. – OcS creates simulations for complex industrial operations. The emergence of gamification and simulations has opened the door for improved education in the workplace as well, this time from an operational standpoint, which is how Octave Simulation Service is able to optimize results.

    They’re on Twitter!: @octavesim

  97. ESL Games+

    ESL Games+

    ESL Games+ helps those who are learning English as a second language through educational games that are much more efficient at connecting with students. With such an impressive array of games, students at any level of the English language can learn plenty of new information.

  98. The Knowledge Guru Blog

    The Knowledge Guru Blog

    The Knowledge Guru Blog invites users to create their own learning games and has an impressive amount of customization to tailor content to whatever types of students you may be working with. The site’s use is very notable when you look at the “White Paper” section that connects certain game mechanics to the learning experience.

    They’re on Twitter!: @thekguru

  99. Serious Games Society

    Serious Games Society

    The Serious Games Society understands the potential for video games to educate individuals and acts as a meeting place for companies, educational institutions, and individuals to cultivate ideas regarding gamification. Additionally, they do a significant amount in the research arena concerning education and gamification.

  100. Teacher Tech by Alice Keeler

    Teacher Tech by Alice Keeler

    Teacher Tech by Alice Keeler is a forward-thinking blog that shows how she applies her teaching skills and technology in useful ways for both her and students. The site is a go-to for teachers, especially those less experienced with technology. As a Google Certified Teacher, Alice knows the ins and outs of how to use technology to better reach students.

    They’re on Twitter!: @alicekeeler

  101. Mathhombre


    Mathhombre is designed specifically for teachers of all levels to come and find new information on teaching math. The section on games is very useful because it’s often seen that the gamification is very effective in teaching math. Teachers who have not previously used gamification in the classroom will benefit from all the material on the site the most.

    They’re on Twitter!: @derekbruff

  102. IPAD 4 Schools

    IPAD 4 Schools

    IPAD 4 Schools is run by the head of technology at a secondary school in New Zealand. Since technology is making games more accessible, iPads make a great starting point for gamifying the classroom, which is often what the blog discusses.

    They’re on Twitter!: @iPadWells

  103. Educade


    Educade lets teachers search through various educational games to tailor content and increase the effectiveness of lesson plans. Many parameters can be changed when searching and it’s a useful way to see other useful ways to incorporate gamification into the classroom.

    They’re on Twitter!: @Educade

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