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How You Can Get Involved Outside the Online Classroom

I have to start this second-part post with a disclaimer – each institution will have different options to get involved, and I can’t guarantee every suggestion I make here will be available at every online university. However, I strongly encourage you to begin to look into your options – and to look into the options available when you are still deciding on which school to attend as well!

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Why You Should Get Involved Outside the Online Classroom

Student involvement in college is a big part of the higher education experience in traditional universities. Because most traditional students are leaving their parents’ houses, saying goodbye to their social circles from their hometowns and high schools, and entering a whole new world for the first time, getting involved outside of the classroom is a vital part of creating a life on campus.

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Introduction to New Blogger Nicole

Hello everyone! I’m Nicole, and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself, give you a little information on my background and experience within online higher education, and to share some ideas I have for future posts here.

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