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An Educational New Years Resolution

Are you someone who likes to make New Years resolutions each year? And if so, do you stick them out or do you tend to try pretty hard at sticking with it for the first month of the year or so and then life gets in the way?

I’ll admit, I’m not much of a New Years resolution person. I like to think that if I want to make a big change in my life, I’ll just do it when the timing seems right rather than at the start of the new year. That’s too much pressure for big decisions!

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Managing your Time while Studying Online

There are three key tools of effective time management that you should uses to best manage your day-to-day: a schedule or calendar of events, a prioritized “to-do” list, and organized note taking. You’ll notice that these items don’t necessarily relate only to schoolwork – you can and should use them to sort out your entire day, week, year, etc. And you should also use them together for the best results.

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