colored sticky notes with the phrase "do it" plastered on a cork bulletin board

“do it – procrastination concept” by Vic is licensed under CC BY 2.0


We all deal with procrastination. I’ve been working online for six years, and I’ve been struggling with procrastination every day of those six years. When I was a teenager, I procrastinated, too. However, there was less around to distract me. I could do my homework, or I could watch some MTV or re-read one of my favorite Jane Austen novels. That was it. There was no YouTube, Facebook, or Amazon. Nowadays, you’re just a click away from getting off-task and losing hours of precious work time. Online students seem more prone to procrastination than brick-and-mortar students. However, there are ways you can keep procrastination at bay. Here are some of my favorite strategies for reducing procrastination and increasing productivity:

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